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Testimonials - FoodExpo '17

Greek and international exhibitors expressed great satisfaction with their participation in the 4th FOOD EXPO, not only due to the high quality of the organization, but also due to the number of meetings they held and the contacts they developed during the trade show.

“We were completely satisfied with the contacts we made during the exhibition. Overall, our experience from the 4th FOOD EXPO was outstanding.”
Vishal Tibrewal, FAZLANI EXPORTS Pvt. Ltd. (India)

“We are extremely satisfied, substantial contacts were made, many people came by our stand and I believe we closed many interesting deals for our company.”
Dimitris Hamaidis, AGRIFREDA SA

“We are very satisfied with our first participation in this year’s FOOD EXPO. We met with many visitors from the international market and a great number of decision makers, which interested us a lot.”
Dimitris Gialamidis, ARABATZIS - “ELLINIKI ZYMI ”

“We are very satisfied with our participation in FOOD EXPO. It opens new horizons. Many visitors turned out from Europe and beyond. We conducted a great number of meetings and we are very happy.”

George Chatzigavriilidis, BI.KRE. SA

“We are very satisfied with the service and personnel of FORUM SA. I believe that in another couple of years, this trade show will be of significant international scope.”

Petros Chatzigeorgiou, ESTATE CHATZIGEORGIOU

“We are very satisfied with our participation in FOOD EXPO, both in terms of the number, as well as the quality of exhibitors.”
Nikos Zavakos, NUTRIA SA

“Once again, FOOD EXPO has been upgraded. We saw visitors from many countries and many prospective international buyers. We were delighted with the visitor turnout and we can assure you that we will be back next year.”
Spiros Karalis, KARALIS SA

“We are very happy with the outcome and we will most definitely participate next year. Also, the organization was top notch, and brought us into contact with many foreign buyers.”
Leonidas Konstantopoulos, KONSTANTOPOULOS SA

“The trade show is very professional! We came into contact with many serious companies from all over the world. We are absolutely satisfied and we will definitely continue to participate next year!”

Christos Kontoveros, KONTOVEROS SA

“This year’s FOOD EXPO was a very successful event in terms of visitor turnout and, in terms of the trade part, we had very high quality meetings.”

“We booked a great number of meetings and came into contact with many international buyers. I believe that this year’s FOOD EXPO was the most successful event in many years!”

Nikitas Pothoulakis, MEVGAL SA

“FOOD EXPO brought us very close with many foreign buyers, we conducted a great number of meetings and I believe that many of them will translate into business deals.”
Angelos Rouvalis, OENOFOROS SA

“FOOD EXPO is one of the best exhibitions in Greece! The trade show is updated annually. My sincerest congratulations to the organizers!”

Konstantinos Souliotis, PALIRRIA SA

“I believe that just the number of exhibitor participations demonstrate the size of the trade show. It was an extremely important moment for the Greek Food Industry, which highlighted its increasing dynamic. Also, this year, the exhibition managed to attract more buyers from abroad, giving FOOD EXPO a truly international character.”
Christos Vogiannos, PROVIL SA

“We believe that FOOD EXPO upgrades the exhibition product in Greece, a country that has a lot to offer in the export trade, especially in the Food Industry.”
Panagiotis Karahalios, RODOULA SA

“FOOD EXPO is an excellent trade show, which helps immensely in the development of Food & Beverage companies. The turnout of professionals was incredible, not only for Greece, but for any international trade show.”