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FOOD EXPO was an unprecedented success!

With 60,000 Greek and 2,500 international visitors, FOOD EXPO 2017, held between March 18 and March 20 at the METROPOLITAN EXPO, triumphantly reaffirmed its position as the leading Food & Beverage trade show in Southeast Europe!

Within just 4 years, FOOD EXPO managed to evolve into a unique exhibition phenomenon, more than doubling its size at an unimaginable pace! This impressive growth is partly due to the vision and strategic planning of the organizing company for the creation of a truly large international exhibition, but mainly due to the uniqueness and quality of Greek Food & Beverages.

1,200 exhibitors • 45,000 sq.m. of exhibition area
FOOD EXPO 2017 managed to increase both the quality and quantity of its visitors, attracting 60,000 professionals from 25,000 companies from Organized Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage, Hotels and Catering. It is no coincidence that dozens of specialized international journalists showed interest in the exhibition this year, along with representatives of the diplomatic delegations from 15 countries, who expressed their excitement regarding the high level of the organization, the huge number of exhibitors and the wealth of exhibits. At the same time, a multitude of commercial visitors from all over the world were dynamically present at the exhibition, making substantial contacts and closing important trade agreements while, thanks to the FOOD EXPO, word of the superior quality of Greek Food & Beverages spread throughout the world.

A record number of trade visitors from 25,000 businesses!

The 4th FOOD EXPO managed to attract more than 60,000 professionals from 25,000 businesses from both Greece and the rest of the world, who used the trade fair to catch up on the latest Food & Beverage trends, innovations, and technologies and make key investment decisions.

Exhibitors & visitors were both impressed with the trade show’s potential

Everyone felt overwhelmed by the incredible success of the exhibition, which is now undoubtedly one of the most important events for Food & Beverages in Europe. The exhibition proved that the sector, not only has a solid past, but also a dynamic present and an extremely promising future; that it constitutes one of the most important pillars of Greece’s national economy and that it must have a key role in the country’s new productive reconstruction model. The fastest growing international trade show managed—in just four years—to quadruple its size in term of exhibitors, visitors and exhibition surface, once again proving that Greece is also a place of creation, effort and progress!

2,500 international visitors from 64 countries
Food Expo managed to acquire enormous international appeal within a very short period of time, as it has already been included on the agenda of major international Food & Beverage buyers! It is no coincidence that this year more than 2,500 international visitors from 64 countries visited FOOD EXPO, 650 of whom participated in the hosted buyer program of the trade show. It is worth mentioning that the buyers who joined the program were selected according to strict criteria and came from selected target markets around the world (Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia). This year, the number of scheduled B2B meetings between FOOD EXPO exhibitors and international hosted buyers was greater than any other year, exceeding 11,500—a record number compared to other national or private initiative to attract and host foreign buyers. Indeed, this year, foreign trade visitors had the opportunity to conduct some of their scheduled meetings with FOOD EXPO exhibitors at the exhibitor stands, thus obtaining a broader overview of the trade show and the exhibits.