The leading Food & Beverage
trade show in S.E Europe!

Exhibition Profile

The leading Food & Beverage trade show in Southeast Europe!

FOOD EXPO GREECE is the leading regional international Food & Beverage Exhibition in Southeastern Europe! The 55,000 m² of space, the 1,302 exhibitors, the 72,000 trade visitors, as well as the extensive turnout of thousands of important international buyers from 72 countries at the 5th FOOD EXPO GREECE, which took place in March 2018, more than demonstrated the enormous potential of the trade show. FOOD EXPO GREECE is capable of uniting the vast majority of sector businesses and playing a leading role in Greek exhibition events!

Based on this year’s success, FORUM S.A. moves toward organizing the 6th FOOD EXPO, which will take place between March 16 and 18, 2019 at the METROPOLITAN EXPO exhibition center. Maintaining the same high-quality standards, investing in an even larger marketing budget, utilizing new technologies and applying innovative and decisive strategies in order to promote the trade show worldwide, the 6th FOOD EXPO 2019 will most certainly be an even bigger success! According to estimates, more than 1,500 exhibitors will participate in the next iteration, while an even greater number of important Greek and international buyers will be attending.

Food Expo 2019 Forecast Key Figures
 FoodExpo 2019 Key Figures

The fastest growing trade show in S.E Europe!

No other international trade show has achieved what FOOD EXPO has managed in just 5 years. That is to increase its size - in terms of the number of exhibitors and its exhibition area - by 500% and to become the fastest growing Food & Beverage trade show internationally, but also one of the largest of its kind in the wider region of S.E. Europe!

Exhibition space in m2!

FoodExpo 2019 Key Figures

Whom it concerns:

The exhibition mainly interests  visitors from the following categories:

Greek visitors
• Super markets - Mini Markets 
• Cash & Carry - Discount markets
• Food & beverage Wholesale 
• Traditional General Stores
• Delicatessen & Gourmet stores
• Meat mongers & Fish mongers 
• Organic Products Stores
• Super Market & Hypermarket Buyers
• Food and Wine Importers
• Wholesalers / Distributors
• Foodservers • Delicatessen Stores
• Brokers - Agents
• Restaurants with Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine
International Visitors & Ηosted Buyers  
• Restaurants • Catering • Wine bars
• Hotels - Hostels
• Cafeterias - Eateries
• Liquor Stores – Coffee Shops
• Bakeries
• Chefs • F&B Managers • Sommeliers
• Food Factories

Food Expo 2018 visitor analysis

The 5th FOOD EXPO 2018 welcomed 68,000 business visitors from 27,830 companies of Organized Retail, Wholesale, Food and Beverage Industry, Hotels and Mass Catering! Thanks to the perfect organisation, the big advertising campaign that preceded it and its targeted promotional activities, FOOD EXPO 2018 managed to increase its quantitative and qualitative superiority, surpassing any previous record of traffic.

 More than 68.000 trade visitors

 FoodExpo 2019 Key Figures

48% of visitors came from the Greek provinces

 FoodExpo 2019 Key Figures

2,930 international buyers from 74 countries!

Over the last years, FOOD EXPO has successfully established a strong reputation, and managed to create a reliable brand. As a result, more than 2,930 major international buyers from 74 countries attended FOOD EXPO 2018, 800 of whom participated in the show’s Hosted Buyer Program, aimed at professionals from international high-level companies. It is worth mentioning that approximately 15,000 b2b meetings between the buyers who joined the program and local as well as international exhibitors took place during the 3 days of the fair.

FoodExpo 2018 International Visitor by region