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Ten proposals won the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for the olive sector, organized for the first time ever by the Association of Friends of Olive Oil, “FILAIOS” during FOOD EXPO 2018.

Aiming at the development and upgrading of the olive sector through the introduction of innovation, sustainable development and pioneering entrepreneurship, the Association of Friends of Olive Oil, “FILAIOS", organized during the 5th FOOD EXPO 2018 the 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for the olive sector. The Competition’s Demo Day took place on Sunday, March 11, with the presentation of 15 entries selected by the competition’s Advisory Committee, from a total of 40 competitors.

The proposals from the 15 finalists are related to the creation of new services and products in the olive sector, to the association of olive oil and olive production with the latest technological advancements, to the increase in jobs, to the promotion of sustainable development practices in the sector, to the encouragement of extraversion, and to the development of synergies.

The Advisory Committee selecting the winning entries consisted of experts, specialized scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of professional organizations and social bodies, while everyone participating in the event was encouraged to take part in the voting. The winning companies will take advantage of a 6-month incubation program (1/4/2018-30/10/2018) in order to prepare for their entry on the business community.
Food Expo 2018 - The 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Olive Challenge

1. The crowded hall in the Olive Challenge award ceremony, 2. Mr. Petros Kokkalis awarded the first prize   to the OLIVE PREDICTOR team

New technologies facilitating olive cultivation & production

The proposals submitted pertained to innovative production ideas, based on new technologies, aiming at the improvement of the olive cultivation and pertaining to all stages of the olive oil production process, including pressing, standardization, promotion, handling, distribution, environmental protection, marketing strategy, packaging materials, technological improvements, new uses of products, etc.

The winning projects

The projects that won the competition were voted live during by the audience during their presentation, as well as by the Advisory Committee and were chosen by specific criteria such as innovation, effectiveness and realistic business plan. Great winner of the Olive Challenge Competition is the project OLIVE PREDICTOR, an array of devices that allows each producer to predict the quality of the olive oil he produces before the harvest. The whole project allows even small producers to have the right forecast for the optimum harvest time and the expected quantity. The system is already being used experimentally within and outside Greece in countries such as Cyprus, Croatia and Spain. The second winner is BIO OLIVE OILS by the company Genuine Flavies. It is an innovative method that achieves twice the concentrated flavor and aroma of the original fruit and a lifetime of one year, without the use of salt, chemicals or additives. The third winner is the proposal of OLIVE FLYNET, which is a kind of electronic traps for the combat of olive flies.

The winners of the 6-month incubation program get:
  • Coaching by prominent entrepreneurs and skilled leadership coaches
  • Mentoring by successful entrepreneurs
  • Education, in collaboration with Public Universities and Higher Education Establishments, as well as Private Colleges and Universities
  • Seminars and workshops by prominent scientists
  • Networking with the most important sector businesses in Greece
  • Support in venture capital research with the aim of implementing the ideas and proposals of bidders
  • The right to use the OLIVE CHALLENGE logo on their communication material and website

For detailed information, please visit the Competition website at: