10 - 12

An exhibition with intense international character!

No other exhibition in the world has ever managed to grow its international reputation in such a short space of time as FOOD EXPO. Within just 5 years, thanks to its excellent organization, the securing of hundreds of Greek and foreign exhibitors and the most successful policy of attracting major buyers from all over the world, it managed to become the largest food and drink forum in Southeast Europe!

It is not at all accidental that, in 2018, FOOD EXPO will host more than 250 foreign exhibitors from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Turkey, India etc., either in the impressive national pavilions of the exhibition, or as independent holdings, with stand-alone stands.

" Within just 5 years FOOD EXPO managed to become the largest food and drink forum in Southern Europe! "

The incredible dynamics developed by FOOD EXPO is not only confirmed by the huge participation of foreign exhibitors but also by the intense interest of thousands of international buyers who are expected to exceed 3,500! In fact, 800 of them will join the hosted buyers program of the exhibition, where they will hold more than 15,000 B2B meetings with FOOD EXPO 2018 exhibitors.