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FOOD EXPO investigates the potential of the Indian market

The constantly expanding Indian market and the opportunities presented for Greek Food & Beverages were explored in detail by Greek and Indian speakers during the Food Export Summit.

FOOD EXPO is trying to support the efforts of all productive enterprises interested in exporting to the Indian Market, by following a series of targeted initiatives. During the Food Export summit there was a special section on the cooperation prospects between the countries of India and Greece in the Food and Beverage sector. Top contributors from Greece, such as Mr Vassilis Skronias (General Counsel of ISD II, Delhi Office) analyzed key issues concerning the export potential of domestic production products, while Greek companies that have already developed export action on the market of India discussed the difficulties they have faced, but also the benefits of this business move. At the same time, Damien Kaminsky, Director of the EU Delegation Agriculture Department in India, talked on EU / India trade in food and agriculture. Finally, important buyers from India explained which Greek products have more demand in the Indian market.

Food Expo 2018 - FOOD EXPO investigates the potential of the Indian market

A culinary “marriage” of the two countries
This second section of the conference was attended by approximately 22 major buyers from India. At the end of the summit, the Indian buyers together will all the conference participants and her Excellency the Ambassador, were given the chance to taste Indian food prepared with Greek ingredients, such as biryani with crocus Kozanis, paneer pakora with Gryere cheese from Crete, chicken breast Malai in cubes marinated with Greek olive oil and Greek yogurt, and daal with Chios mastiha.

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