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The fastest growing Food & Beverage trade show in Southeast Europe!

With an increase of 400% in exhibition space and 291% in exhibitor numbers since its first iteration in 2014, FOOD EXPO is one of the fastest growing Food and Beverage trade shows in the world.

Cementing its reputation as a dynamic trade show, featuring 1,200 exhibitors from Greece and abroad, and 50,000 square meters of exhibition space, the fair placed emphasis on the variety and quality of Greek and Mediterranean products that should take center stage at stores and restaurants around the world. FOOD EXPO 2017 has been a tremendous success, giving tangible shape to the aspirations of the food industry. The fair welcomed 2,500 int’l visitors, who were impressed by the organization, the number of exhibitors and the wealth of exhibits.

" FOOD EXPO 2018 will become the meeting point for Greek and international entrepreneurs! "

FOOD EXPO 2018: Raising the bar
As a result, we move towards organizing the 5th FOOD EXPO that will take place between 10-12 March 2018 and will succeed in raising the bar by becoming the meeting point for Greek and international entrepreneurs, and trade visitors from the agri-food sector, as well as from the organized retail, wholesale, hotel, and foodservice.