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The conditions for a successful export strategy was the focus of the conference organized by the Greek International Business Association (SEVE) on “Critical Points and Conditions for the Development of Exports by the Greek Food and Drink Industries,” that took place during the second day of FOOD EXPO 2018.

Think tank for exports
The workshop will answer all questions that every businessman interested in expanding his business abroad must take into great consideration. How to avoid mistakes and losing money and time on the international market; how to choose the right trade show for them; how to prepare the right way; whether their target is a product of export marketing research and development; whether their staff is familiar with international regulations and export marketing tools; if they are flexible in the requirements of foreign markets; whether they ensure their requirements from international customers; if they have knowledge on how to handle customs and bank claims, as well as the specificities of the services involved in the import process, especially in third countries. These and many more important questions will be answered by the specialists/rapporteurs that will be attending the seminar.
With the participation of many Food & Drink producers, took place on Sunday, March 11, the conference organized by SEVE and raising key export issues, such as the development of an extraversion strategy, the understanding of the various types of presence abroad or the points of access to new markets which merit special attention.
The speech by export expert, Ms Zacharo Pappa on the strategies for successful penetration and growth in foreign food and beverage markets, was of exceptional interest, while Ms Natasa Th. Yaloglou of SEVE, talked about the preparation for successful participation in trade shows. In addition, Mr Dimitris Christos, Director - Market Development at GS1 Association Greece discussed the ways products in the global market are promoted (GS1 Cloud). Mr Panagiotis Chasapis, Executive Vice President of SEVE introduced the role of the Greek International Business Association on Greek Food & Beverage exports.

Food Expo 2018 - Food export summit

1. The Ambassador of India in Greece, Ms Shamma Jain, 2. Mr Theodoros Fourlas, Regional Director Joint Ventures at Chipita

Deciphering the Indian market
A special section of the Food Export Summit was focused on the prospects for further export growth between Greece and India.
During the Food Export Summit, a special section on the prospects of a cooperation between the countries of India and Greece in the food and drink sector, was also on the agenda. Top contributors from Greece, such as Mr Vassilis Skronias (General Counsel of ISD II, Delhi Office), analyzed key issues concerning the export potential of domestic production products, while Greek companies that have already developed export action on the market of India discussed the difficulties they have faced, as well as the benefits they have reaped. One typical example was Mr Theodoros Fourlas, Regional Director Joint Ventures at Chipita who presented in detail the experience of Chipita at the Indian market. Mr Fourlas explained that India has the largest network of retail outlets in the world, with 13 million points of sale, of which 9 percent accounts for organized retail. He also discussed the conditions to achieve penetration in the Indian market.

At the same time, Mr Damian Kaminsky, Econ. & Comm. A' Secretary at the European Union Delegation in New Delhi, delivered a speech on EU/India trade in food and agriculture, market access issues, bilateral negotiations, trade trends, etc. online from New Delhi. In addition, her excellency, the Ambassador of India in Greece, Ms Shamma Jain addressed the summit and referred to the strong bonds between the two countries. Finally, important buyers from India, Mr. Darm Chaturvedi, Spencer's Retail Limited National Head, and Ms Chandra Malam, Managing Partner of Aamaya Impex, explained inter alia which Greek products are more in demand in the Indian market.

This second section of the conference was attended by approximately 22 major buyers from India. At the end of the summit, the Indian buyers were given the chance to taste Indian food prepared with Greek ingredients.