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The Exporters' Association of Northern Greece organizes in FOOD EXPO 2018 a workshop concerning the key export sector. Entitled "Critical Points and Conditions for the Development of Exports by the Greek Food and Drink Industries,” and taking place on Sunday, March 11 (14:00-18:00), the rapporteurs will develop the conditions for an effective export strategy: the dos and don’ts; the wrong and the right way to do things; the role of trade fairs for the promotion of exports and how Greek export companies can leverage maximum benefit from such events.

Providing answers to major questions
The workshop will answer all questions that every businessman interested in expanding his business abroad must take into great consideration. How to avoid mistakes and losing money and time on the international market; how to choose the right trade show for them; how to prepare the right way; whether their target is a product of export marketing research and development; whether their staff is familiar with international regulations and export marketing tools; if they are flexible in the requirements of foreign markets; whether they ensure their requirements from international customers; if they have knowledge on how to handle customs and bank claims, as well as the specificities of the services involved in the import process, especially in third countries. These and many more important questions will be answered by the specialists/rapporteurs that will be attending the seminar.

The objective of the seminar is the acquisition/update of knowledge on the strategic planning of exports; the development of a specific strategy by the Food & Drink sector companies; the maintenance and strengthening of their presence in foreign markets; the development of a competitive advantage; the understanding of ways to access new markets.

Target Audience
The seminar concerns all businessmen and executives of the Food and Beverage industry as it addresses key export issues. From the owners of processing and manufacturing businesses, to sales executives, to export marketing executives, to graduates and students of these respective fields.

The rapporteurs 
The conference speakers are people with many years of experience on export marketing and more than capable to develop and provide solutions on all issues related to this field. The event will open by Ms. Zacharo Pappa, aprofessional with 30 years of experience in exports. For over 25 years, Ms. Pappa has worked as export manager for a large Greek company and has been actively involved in the full range of exports, particularly in the development of sales networks in the international markets. She also has many years of experience as a Business Advisor on organizing and developing exports. Rapporteur and consultant at many seminars in the framework of Export Development Programs, such as the Export Expert, Outsourcing Mentoring, etc., as well as in numerous seminars organized by exporting companies and businesses throughout Greece. 

Next will be Mrs. Jenny Skotidis; she has worked for many years in key management positions in the International Division, Trade Finance, Retail Banking and International & Correspondent Banking in banks within and outside Greece. In 2012 she left the banking sector to found the "Simply Exports" consulting firm, specializing in the proper preparation of export activities, as well as the management of outsourcing export services.  The final rapporteur will be Ms. Athanasia Th. Yaloglou, currently working in SEVE, the largest export business operator in Greece since 1998. Working from the position of Business Support of Members and the organization of the B2B Events of the Association, she has extensive professional experience in the everyday export challenges as well as the effective preparation and monitoring of business actions, such as trade shows and B2B meetings.

From the left: J. Scotides (SimplyExports), Z. Pappa (Export Expert), N. T. Yaloglou (SEVE)

Conference program:
14:00 - 15:30
Strategic planning of food and drink exports for successful penetration and growth in foreign markets. Rapporteur: Zacharo Pappa, Export Expert

15:30 - 16:00
The export route, procedural and customs issues in third countries. Rapporteur: Jenny Skotides, SimplyExports

16:00 - 17:30
Preparation for successful participation in trade shows. Rapporteur: Natasa Th. Yaloglou, SEVE

17:30 - 18:00