10 - 12


FOOD EXPO 2018 will feature a large meat section—which will also include the Meat Forum event—addressed to anyone who sells, processes or handles meat.

At the Meat Forum, leading professionals of the meat industry and renowned speakers will present educational seminars and demonstrations on the new methods of cutting, portioning and packaging, but also on the correct procedures for maintaining the quality of all meat products. Furthermore—in a room close to the meat stage—they will also highlight topics concerning technology and innovation in meat processing and the preparation of meat products and hold discussion panels, with the aim of fully informing the modern professional.

Full slate of exciting events
During the thematic and interactive special events that will take place at FOOD EXPO 2018, the specialized meat section will have center stage, with its very own rich program of events. “Meat Forum”, a specially-designed space inside the meat section, will also have a dominant role; meat cutting demonstrations, seminars and other interesting happenings dedicated to meat and meat product professionals will take place every day.
At the same time, presentations and theoretical seminars on matters of law, hygiene, etc. will be held within the same space, in a neighboring, specially designed hall.