16 - 18


The Mediterranean Food Stage was successfully held, which highlighted the richness of Greek Food and Drinks, with the participation of 13 Regions and Chambers across the country and the assistance of well-known chefs.

Monday, March 12

Crete and Macedonia in the spotlight
On the third and last day of the Mediterranean Food Stage, the Chania Chamber of Commerce with the assistance of renowned chefs, presented traditional recipes with exceptional local ingredients. Along the same lines, the Region of Western Macedonia and executive chef Athanasios Rammos presented mouthwatering dishes with preserved buffalo, Florina peppers, and baklava with grape molasses.

1. A large number of visitors attended the Mediterranean Food Stage program on Monday, 2.3. Impressive creations by renowned chefs, 4. Great impressions at the presentation of Indian cuisine using Greek raw materials

Indian food the Greek way
On Monday, the Μediterranean Food Stage hosted an exceptional event: Chefs cooked popular traditional recipes from India, using exclusively Greek ingredients. This way, two different culinary destinations met in the most unexpected way, while at the same time, the unlimited potential of Greek gastronomic products was showcased. Namely, the Mediterranean Food Stage audience had the chance to try dahi pardi chat with Greek yogurt, Paneer pakora with cheese, and Chana masala chick peas with green and red peppers.

Sunday, March 11

Crowds flocked at the Mediterranean Food Stage
Executive chef Cleo Fikiri of the Hellenic Chef’s Association, highlighted the unique ingredients of the Region of North Aegean through numerous exciting recipes, such as chickpea, wild arugula and marinated wild heather salad, casserole coq au vin with flomaria pasta, etc.

Executive chefs Mavros Georgios and Agelopoulos Michalis of the Hellenic Chef’s Association followed suit with recipes and ingredients from the Region of the Peloponnese, while executive chef Ioannou Hector cooked for the Agronutritional Cooperation of Crete chicken with orange chutney, omelette with xinomizythra cheese and spiny chicory (stamnagathi), and coq in red wine.

1. During the presentation of agrοnutritional cooperation of Region of Crete,2. Chef Kalamoukis Kostas cooks with products from Crete

On the Μediterranean Food Stage executive chefs Tolis Anastasios and Dotsios Adamantios of the Hellenic Chef’s Association, were given the opportunity to showcase the culinary treasures of the Region of Epirus through recipes such as trahana with crispy ham, and cream of galatopita (milk pie) in sugared fillo pastry and rose spoon sweet.

The Sunday program was completed with the presentation of chef Kaskoutas Alexandros, highlighting the products of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace with creative recipes such as Macedonian rusks with tomato and smoked anchovy fillets, and panacotta with xinogalo, wild cherries & wild blueberries.

Saturday, March 10

Creative Greek cooking
During the very first day of the trade show, the Mediterranean Stage program opened with presentations from the Chef’s Clubs of the Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Islands, while the Region of Attica with the Hellenic Chef’s Association took over for an equally spectacular demonstration. Namely, executive chefs Panagiotis Kontogiorgis, Ventikos Panagiotis Koklas and Nikos Katapodis presented creative recipes with unique ingredients from the Greek land.

The Region of Central Macedonia and the Chef’s Club of Northern Greece was next, making tomato and Feta cheese, foustoron with preserved pork (some kind of omelette), mushroom soup from Mount Athos, and dolma. The program continued with the Region of South Aegean and the Chef’s Club of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, the Region of Central Greece with chef Kokkoris Alexandros Chrysovalantis, and the Region of Thessaly with the Hellenic Chef’s Association, and executive chef Dimitris Ploumistos.