10 - 12

The largest Greek Food & Beverages companies participate in FOOD EXPO

Hundreds of companies have already finalized their participation in FOOD EXPO 2018, confirming the huge impact of the exhibition on all food and beverage production and processing companies.

It is a fact that FOOD EXPO 2017 was a great moment for the domestic market, as it gave the opportunity to the companies that participated as exhibitors to showcase their products to thousands of Greek and foreign buyers and to make important agreements inside and outside the borders.

The result of this huge success is the giant expansion of FOOD EXPO 2018, which is expected to cover 50,000 square meters of exhibition area, surpassing any previous record! Among the many important companies that have confirmed with their participation, are also CRETA FARMS SA, EURICOM HELLAS SA, ARABATZIS M. SA, ELVIDA SA, EPSA SA, ZANAE SA, KALLAS - PAPADOPOULOS AEE, KALLONI SA , KARALIS SA, KONTOVEROS, LOUX, ALFA-KOUKOUTARIS, SOYA MILLS, PALIRRIA FOODS, PINDOS, RODOULA SA, SIOURAS SA, Etc .;