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The initiative ELLA-DIKA MAS at FOOD EXPO 2018

A great number of Greek producers attended, on Monday, the presentation of the ELLA-DIKA MAS initiative, during FOOD EXPO 2018.

Mr. Agis Pistiolas (AGRINO), chairman of the initiative, referred to the importance of this movement that presents its 41 members (all Greek producers) with major opportunities for important synergies on many fields.
Then, vice-president Michalis Tsaoutis (EPSA) noted that “ELLA- DIKA MAS” is open to all companies that meet the basic criteria and wished that all Greek manufacturing companies would become members.
The initiative ELLA-DIKA MAS at FOOD EXPO 2018
1. Μr Platon Marlafekas 2. From left to right: Anna Papadimitriou, Agis Pistiolas, Michalis Tsaoutos, Alexandros Kouris.

Afterwards, Mr. Alexandros Kouris (NISOS), referred to the financial figures, which prove the added value of the Greek produce on the Greek society, while Ms Anna Karagioule, marketing director of “ELLA- DIKA MAS”, noted the objectives of the initiative, among which are the public awareness of the brand, its international presence in foreign trade shows and the synergies among members.
Ms Halkiopoulou from Eurocert Certification Company spoke about the certification process that each new member must follow to join the initiative.

Finally, Mr. Platon Marlafekas (LOUX) made a statement about the importance of communication between manufacturing companies in Greece, noting in particular: "We created this initiative because we felt that the Greek Industry was not representing itself properly. It is very important for us to meet and exchange opinions about common goals. Finally, we need to educate the consumer, so that he understands the importance of our brand".