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Exhibitors declared their complete satisfaction

The majority of exhibitors expressed their complete satisfaction over the tremendous success of FOOD EXPO 2018. A staggering percentage also stated their intend to participate in the next event that will take place on 16-18 March 2019.

The high level of trade visitors from all over the country and abroad, the right one the structure and the excellent organization of the exhibition, as well as the many important commercial contacts they have made during the event are the three main reasons for satisfying the exhibitors of the 5th FOOD EXPO 2018.
The exhibitors express their absolute satisfaction

Read some of the testimonials of the exhibitors:

 “This is a good meeting for all the companies in Europe that would like to integrate more with the greek market.”

Ilario Amato – Director, MIGRO / ITALY 

“For us FOOD EXPO is the key exhibition of the sector as we had very big success with our companies this year. We will try next year to have a very big booth with much more companies.”

Genevieve Wlazel – Economic & Commercial Attaché, WALLONIA EXPORT-Investment Agency / BELGIUM 

“This is our second participation in this fair and that’s because we are very satisfied by the show. We think that is a very good place to visit and meet customers from all over the world.”

Monyo Todorov – CEO, BON OIL / BULGARIA

“This year’s FOOD EXPO is a very well-organized trade show, which has given us the opportunity to make contacts abroad, in countries that interest us, and I believe it is important for all companies to participate, as it strengthens their future exporting activities. My impressions on FOOD EXPO have only been positive.”

Katerina Koukoutari, Marketing Manager, KOUKOUTARIS A. SA “Alfa”

“I believe that this year’s FOOD EXPO is one of the most successful events, both due to the high turnout of visitors, but also for us, being mainly an export business. Because of the presence of a great number of foreign buyers, the exhibition acquires the glamorous status that it deserves. I believe that FOOD EXPO is one of the most significant trade shows in Greece. I think that this year’s FOOD EXPO is the most successful and best organized than any previous events!”

Tsatsoulis Angelos, CEO, TSATSOULIS BROS “Royal”
The exhibitors express their absolute satisfaction

“Food Expo continues its upward trend, as the exhibition’s innovation and the ability of the organizers to gather buyers from all over the world keep the level very high and the interest of Greek producers peaked. FOOD EXPO is rightfully the best trade show in Greece, targeted towards exports, but also attended by many quality clients from Greece.”

Platon Marlafekas, Vice President, LUX – MARLAFEKAS SA

“FOOD EXPO is one of the most important exhibitions in the Food & Beverage sector, and I believe that it can easily be compared to major exhibitions from the global food market. FOOD EXPO took the next step and became and international exhibition. Many important meetings took place, and we hope that they lead to maximum results.”

Christos Vogiannou, Managing Director and President, PROVIL SA

“Year after year, FOOD EXPO keeps getting better and it looks like a very important effort has been made by the organizers. Visitor turnout is unprecedented, by many places around the world, USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Europe, and this is something that you don’t easily encounter in Greece. We can now safely say that FOOD EXPO is comparable to foreign exhibitions. Greek products can travel all over the globe and FOOD EXPO is definitely a catalyst in this process.”

Nikos Siouras, SIOURAS SA

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