10 - 12

Marketing promotion all over the world

Following a series of strategic initiatives and a budget that will exceed € 1,000,000, the next iteration of the trade show will be an even greater success!

Over the last four years, FOOD EXPO has successfully established a strong international reputation, and managed to create a reliable brand, thanks mostly to its innovative vision and targeted marketing initiatives.

For 2018, FORUM SA, the fair’s organizing company, intends to spend approximately €500,000 in digital campaigns, and advertisements in global outlets to attract even more key international food traders.

" Using an effective media and communication campaign, FOOD EXPO will establish its dynamic nature and maximize its commercial efficiency as well as its number of visitors! "

Specifically, FOOD EXPO will engage in the following:

Television: For more than 3 weeks hundreds of tv commercials will be broadcasting on all major Greek channels.
Radio: Thousands of radio ads will hit the air on 35 stations in 19 prefectures of the country.
Targeted online actions: FOOD EXPO will utilize the power of internet campaigns (newsletters, google ads, social media, etc.) in Greece and abroad.
Hosted Buyer Program: 800 key traders from the international Food & Beverage industry will join our exclusive Hosted Buyer Program.
Magazine ads: Printed ads of the exhibition will cover all related trade magazines in Greece and abroad. In addition, FOOD EXPO will once again host a number of journalists from the international trade press that will report on the fair.