10 - 12

The largest trade show in Southeast Europe

Final line preparations are underway for FOOD EXPO 2018. For another year it marks the largest international food and beverage exhibition in Southeastern Europe. So far, 800 exhibitors have confirmed and the final figure is expected to surpass 1,200, of which 250 are exhibitors from various countries.

Amplifying amazingly, in a very short time, its size by 500% and the number of its exhibitors by 300%, FOOD EXPO managed to become the fastest growing exhibition of food and beverages internationally, sealing this way its leading position to the market.

FOOD EXPO 2018 will be hosted on March 10-12 at the Metropolitan Expo and, so far, all data point out to the exhibition surpassing every previous record, both in terms of size, as well as commercial efficiency. According to the latest estimates, the number of Greek exhibitors is expected to reach—and possibly surpass—950, while the number of international exhibitors is 250, reaffirming the fact that FOOD EXPO is the largest Food & Beverage exhibition ever held in Greece. The interest shown by hundreds of businesses from the supply market, clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of FOOD EXPO. Once again, FOOD EXPO will make history, by bringing together the largest and most significant Food & Beverage production and processing units, while showcasing their products to tens of thousands of Greek and foreign buyers.

FOOD EXPO 2018 • Forecast Key figures
FOOD EXPO 2018 - Forecast Key figures