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800 hosted buyers held more than 15,000 B2B meetings!

More than 15,000 scheduled B2B meetings between the trade show’s 800 hosted buyers and exhibitors were held during the three days of FOOD EXPO 2018, helping both parties establish fruitful commercial relations and, in many cases, reach significant deals.

Within a very short time, FOOD EXPO managed to join the agenda of major international buyers from the Food & Beverage industry all over the world. The 5th FOOD EXPO 2018 achieved something unique and remarkable for a Greek trade show, and that was to gather approximately 2,930 international buyers from 84 countries. Out of these 2,930 foreign buyer, the 800 most important ones joined the Hosted Buyers Program and, during the three days of the exhibition, conducted approximately 15,000 meetings with exhibitors. In order to improve the efficiency of b2b meetings with Hosted Buyers during the 5th FOOD EXPO 2018, meetings were either conducted at the exhibitors’ stands—this way, foreign buyers had the opportunity to come into direct contact with the exhibitors and their products in order to promote Greek Food & Beverages in their countries via trade agreements—or in the specially designed b2b meeting rooms.

It is worth mentioning that the 800 hosted buyers in FOOD EXPO 2018 came from 74 countries, target markets for Greek products, from all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates, USA, China, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, but also several European states such as Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, etc.

Finally, along with FOOD EXPO 2018, the exhibition OENOTELIA 2018 took place. As a result, the country’s major wine producing companies, who participated as exhibitors, came into contact with, and managed to promote their products to dozens of major foreign wine buyers, who visited the trade show and had joined the Hosted Buyers Program.
800 hosted buyers conducted a record number of 15.000 B2B meetings!

Hosted buyers impressed with the quality of the exhibition
International buyers who participated in the hosted buyers program spoke with enthusiasm about their experience from the 5th FOOD EXPO so far, stating that they were impressed with the high level of the organization and the excellent quality of Greek Food & Beverages.

800 hosted buyers conducted a record number of 15.000 B2B meetings!

Specifically, here are some of their statements:

Xavier de Poulpiquet President “Ail! Ail! Ail!” / France
"I believe FOOD EXPO is an outstanding exhibition with local products from all over Greece."

Christina Kalcevich Owner “Pasquale Brothers” / Canada
"I was impressed! I believe there is increased international interest in Greek products, especially the highest quality ones in specialty food, such as olives and olive oil."

Jaswant Sarvaiya CEO Fine Food / India
"This exhibition was a really important experience for me. I must confess, I did not expect it would be this interesting!"

Sam Haddad Owner “Cluster Goods inc.” / USA
"The exhibition was outstanding. I found products, which I initially was not seeking, but they belong to a unique category, so they peaked my interest. Of the fifteen meetings we had, I believe that at least six will result to agreements in the coming six months"

800 hosted buyers conducted a record number of 15.000 B2B meetings!

Olivier Wittmann Owner “Millissime” / USA
"Each year, I am impressed more by the growth of the exhibition. I look forward to what the future holds for the next FOOD EXPO!"

Arn Grashoff Director of Merchandising & Marketing “European Imports inc.” / USA
"It's a great opportunity to see a lot of authentic Greek producers under one roof.I found more than what I was looking for. I was really unaware that so many vendors and manufacturers were ready to do business outside of Greece."

Simon Pun Chairman & CEO “Pace Supply Chain Int'l Ltd” / China
"I liked FOOD EXPO very much. I think it is quite a professional trade show. We met many of our suppliers and this year I even brought some of my team with me. I found most of the products I was looking for not only from our regular suppliers, but from other companies, as well."

Katherine Guerron CEO “KINUWA ANCESTRAL FOODS” / Ecuador
"It's the first time that I attend FOOD EXPO. It looks like a very well organised show. I have founded it very appealing. The greek market has a lot to offer in regards to the products that I was looking for. I'm very pleased with what I found. congratulations for the show."

Wael Abu Awwad Founder & CEO “WAEL ABU AWWAD est.” / Jordan
"It's an amazing opportunity to meet greek and international suppliers. It's getting bigger and bigger every year. We can see the different trends and the amount of visitors. We were very much succesful in the meetings that we've had."

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