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The growing market of India at the center of FOOD EXPO 2018

With the presence of 26 Indian buyers and the Indian Ambassador, a special event for the Indian market and the exporting opportunities for Food and Beverages, took place at the Food Export Summit.

FOOD EXPO 2018 has effectively supported the efforts of F&B companies interested in exporting to the Indian market, following a series of targeted actions. In fact, within the framework of the Food Export Summit, organized by FOOD EXPO in cooperation with SEVE (Exporters' Association of Northern Greece), a whole section was devoted to the prospects for developing exports to India in the field of Food and Beverages.

Key issues concerning exports and imports in India (legislation, terms and conditions, difficulties and prospects) were at the heart of the workshop. The purpose of this initiative was to pave the way for food and beverage companies to infiltrate the Indian market, a fast-growing market with.
Food Expo 2018 - Food export summit

1. The Ambassador of India in Greece, Ms Shamma Jain, 2. Mr Theodoros Fourlas, Regional Director Joint Ventures at Chipita

Top Greek and Indian speakers presented their case at the meeting
Top diplomats such as Vassilis Skronias (General Counsel for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Head of the New Delhi Office & Commercial Affairs Embassy in Greece), analyzed key issues concerning the export capabilities of domestic products while Greek companies that have already developed export activity in the Indian market talked about the difficulties they faced, as well as about the benefits of this business move.

At the same time, the First Secretary, Director of Trade & Economic Affairs - India - Bangladesh - Sri Lanka, EU Representative to India, Damien Kaminski, spoke, through a videotape, on EU / India trade in food & agriculture the problems of accessing European and Greek food (eg kiwi, apples, etc.) to the Indian market, as well as the prospects for European & Greek Food and Drinks in the Indian market.

In addition, Mr. Ashu Garg, Managing Partner of Aamaya Impex, representing with his presence and speech the Indians hosted buyers who visited the exhibition in order to get acquainted with Greek food and beverage production and marketing companies as well as high nutrition and gastronomic value Greek products, explained among other things which Greek products are most in demand in the Indian market, highlighting olive oil and wine as top. Finally, he invited Greek businesses to visit India to get to know the market and the peculiarities they may have so that they can make a right and effective business plan.

Finally, India's Ambassador to Greece, Shomma Jain, in her paper on India: a major food producer, spoke, among other things, about the enormous opportunities that exist to promote bilateral partnerships between India and Greece in critical Agriculture, Food and Beverages, and Ayurveda, while Mrs. Ioannidou Stavroula, Expert of the Ministry of Rural Development, Directorate of Plant Production Protection, was placed around the "Plant-health barriers to trade in products to India ".

Chipita's experience in the Indian market
Very interesting was also the contribution of Mr. Theodoros Fourlas, CHIPITA's Regional Director Joint Ventures in India, who noted among other things that India has the largest retail network worldwide with 13 million points of sale. Of these, 9% owns organized trade, which "runs" at an annual growth rate of 20 to 25%! Finally, he stressed that the key prerequisites for penetrating a business into the huge Indian market are the three-pronged Affordable Price, Available Product with a strong distribution network and Adaptability to the Indian consumer's eating habits.
The growing market of India was at the center of the 5th FOOD EXPO

Culinary “marriage” of the two countries
At the end of the summit important Indian buyers who attended and participated in the workshop had the opportunity to try Indian food prepared from Greek raw materials in an effort to highlight the great prospects and potential of the market penetration of Greek products of India. Specifically, Indian buyers tasted Biryani rice with vegetables and yoghurt Kozani, chicken breast Mal in cubes marinated with olive oil and yoghurt, Paneer Pakora with Cretan Graviera and Daal with Chios Mastiha.