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The Republic of Bulgaria was the honored country at FOOD EXPO 2018

With the participation of 18 major food and beverage businesses, the Republic of Bulgaria, the country honored at FOOD EXPO 2018, has vigorously promoted its national pavilion, its agri-food products.

As the honored country, the Republic of Bulgaria and its products were at the heart of the FOOD EXPO trade show. As a result, 68,000 Greek and foreign professionals from the wholesale, distribution, organized retail, catering and hotel sectors, who visited the exhibition during all three days, had the opportunity to try a wide range of products from the neighboring country. In addition, guests were able to get acquainted with some of the most important production and export companies of Bulgaria’s Food & Beverage industry, converse with their representatives and, apart from exploring the prospects of a trade collaboration, to close trade agreements, which will help make their businesses competitive and stand out.
The Republic of Bulgaria was the honored country at FOOD EXPO 2018

1. Αριστερά ο κ. Vladimir Tudzharov, γενικός γραμματέας του υπουργείου Οικονομίας της Δημοκρατίας της Βουλγαρίας κατά το χαιρετισμό του στην 5η Food Expo, και δεξιά 2. με εκθέτες στο Βουλγαρικό pavilion

The Chief Secretary of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy at FOOD EXPO!
Mr. Vladimir Tudzharov, the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria, the 5th FOOD EXPO’s honored country, browsed the exhibition and visited the impressive national pavilion of his country, which is also this year’s largest national pavilion, in terms of participations.

Mr. Tudzharov, accompanied by close associates and a delegation of state officials from the neighboring country, stated that he was impressed by the size and quality of FOOD EXPO. The Bulgarian Ministry of Economy’s senior official was welcomed by executives of the organizing company, with whom he discussed the structure, the goals and the influence of FOOD EXPO in the wider Southeastern Mediterranean region. The Bulgarian Chief Secretary was then accompanied by his close associates to his country’s national pavilion, but also to the individual stands of Bulgarian companies, where he was updated by exhibitors.